Cenospheres Specifications

Cenosphere is lightweight,inter,hollow sphere comprising largely of Silica and Alumina and filled with air and/or gases. Cenospheres are naturally occuring by-products of the burning process at coal-fired power plants.Most of the properties of Censospheres are same as manufactured hollow-sphere products.

Average True Density: 0.68 to 0.8g/cc

Loose 0.35 to 0.5 g/cc
Moisture within 3%
Sedimentation 1-5%

Al2O3 30.35%
Fe2O3 4.5% max
SiO2 56-60%
TiO2 0.5 bis 1.3
LOI 1.5 bis 2.5
CaO 0.3 bis 0.5

Particle Size
- 10 Micron 1.65%
- 60 Micron 83%
+ 500 Micron 0,5%
+ 250 Micron 3-5%

Color: Offwhite Gray
Benefits: Reduced raw materials cost,improve flowability,reduced resin deman,improved insualtion values.Resistant to absorption,reduced end product weight. The spherical shape of Cenospheres improves floability in most applications and provides a more even distribution of the filler material. The natural properties of Censosphere are easy to handle and provide a low surface area-to-volume ratio. Due to their inert properties they are not affected by solvents,water,acids or alkalis. Cenospheres are 75% lighter than other minerals currently used as a filler or extender and are 30% lighter than most resins.
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