About Us

With a state of the art Manufacturing and Testing infrastructure, we are leading manufacturers of Ferro Alloys with specialisation in Welding Electrode Grade Ferro Manganese Powder.

Located in Central India we have the advantage of easy access to raw materials. Our expertise in manufacturing of Ferro Alloys, In-house laboratory, qualified scientist and Technical specialist who is PHD in Welding electrode technology and many other specialities enable to supply you the best quality product at the best price in the world market.

With the technical know-how and superb administrative qualities of Mr. Harscelle Goenka (CEO) and Mr. Ashok Goenka (MD), the organisation has today set a bench mark for the high quality Ferro Manganese material manufactured for the welding electrode and steel manufacturers.

Our motto: "Quality Prevails" is stringently followed since our inception in 1991.

We maintain the highest quality control standards where-in each batch is tested to match the specifications.

The Ferro Manganese is manufactured by Alumina Thermite Process .
The thermite (thermit) reaction was discovered by German Chemist Hans Goldschmidt and the reaction is sometimes called the "Goldschmidt reaction" or "Goldschmidt process".

Low Carbon Ferro Manganese Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese High Carbon Ferro Manganese Silico Manganese Cenosphere