Welding Electrode FLUX Specifications

Welding Electrode FLUX for all types of welding electrodes.

Brand name:Vipra Flux 6013

packing size: 25 kg

basic chemical composition(main ingredients)

Calcite,Mica,ChinaClay,Quartz,Rutile,Feldspar,FerroManganese,extruding agent.


Delivery time:within 30days after receipt offirm order along with SightLC payment terms.:100% TT or LC at Sight usage .......... recipe for use.:-all technical data will be provided with the material like baking time, quantity of silicate to be mixed etc etc. with this flux you can manufacture 2.5 mm to 5mmrods.

Low Carbon Ferro Manganese Medium Carbon Ferro Manganese High Carbon Ferro Manganese Silico Manganese Cenosphere